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Electrostatic powder spay processing

The automatic standardized electrostatic powder coating workshop of our company occupies an area of 7200M2. The production line adopts

advanced technology in China and abroad. By selecting quality outdoor powder, we ensure our sprayed products better weather resistance,

humidity resistance, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance. The result of salt fog test, artificial accelerated aging test and thermal test are all above 1000 hours.


Spraying work piece specification:

Max. height
Max. thickness
Max. length
Max. hanging weight per single point
Color of the spraying powder
All color


Coating quality inspection equipments: Germany EPK multi-purpose coating thickness tester, cupping tester, salt fog test machine, coating impact test machine, coating adhesion tester and etc..



electrostatic sprayed aluminium window frame

electrostatic powder sprayed hardware parts




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